Natsu no Kokoro

Shogi no Kokoro Circuit

Segundo torneo del Circuito Shogi no Kokoro que se jugará el 21 de agosto de 2021.

Este torneo se realiza de forma online en la plataforma “81dojo”.

The number of rounds will depend on the number of participants, because of that, the schedule is still to be defined but we can inform that all the rounds will be played throughout the day, morning and afternoon.

The grand final, played to the best of 5 rounds, will be played another day settled down by the referee and both finalists.


Instructions to participate:

In order to participate in the tournament you must have an account at (online platform to play Shogi), we attach a link to create a user:

On the other hand, in order to be organized on the day of the tournament, we will use the Discord program. You must have an account to access the room prepared for the tournament, you can create it

This program, Discord, will be where we will put the pairings and communicate the time of each game, among other things related to the tournament. Once the account is created, you can access the tournament room with the following link:

Players registered:

Name Apellido País
Alejandro Mojica España
Eric Hierro España
Daniel Arús España
Raul Lorente España
Juan Gómez España
Akira Suzuki Japón
Cristóbal Patón España
Juan Torrico España

Formulario de inscripción:

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