III Open Shogi no Kokoro

One more year we have been able to celebrate with great enthusiasm one of our 100% events, the III Open Shogi no Kokoro. This year we have to highlight the collaboration of Haiku, who has provided us with some gifts for the participants.

On Saturday all the players were on fire (not literally!) To be able to play and prove once again who would be the best. As the day progressed, it was possible to see who would be at the top and who at the bottom of the ranking.

On Sunday our brave players, despite being exhausted due to the intensity of the previous day, showed no signs of loosening up, if not, they were willing to give even more. After some incredibly interesting games, the Tournament ends with the announcement of the 3 champions of this Open.

Jonatan Ruiz (1st classified)

Raul Lorente (2nd classified)

Alejandro Mojica (3rd classified)

That has been it for this year, we thank all those who have participated, the collaborators and the organizers of this event Thank you very much and see you at the next Open!