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Shogi players are ranked from 15 kyu to 1 kyu with theis one being the highest kyu rank. Exceeding the level of kyu we find players of level dan. The maximum professional rank is 9º dan.

The circuit consist of four tournaments.

Every round will be played to the best of one game except the grand final which will be played to the best of five games.

All the games will last 20 minutes and 30 seconds byoyomin.

The tournament will consist of two brackets, one for the winners and one for the participants who have lost one game.
All the players start in the winner bracket and once they finish the game the one who has winned the match continues on this bracket meanwhile the one who has lost goes to the other bracket.

Once you have gone down to the other bracket, if you achieve to win all the games on this bracket you can make it to the grand final of the tournament where you will play against the winner’s bracket champion.

A second loss involves the elimination of the tournament.

Reaching the grand final unbeaten involves an advantage for the title match. The player who has made it to the final by the winners bracket will be awarded with a one automatic victory.
This means that in the grand final, which will be played to the best of five games, the player who arrives unbeaten only has to win two games to win the grand match and get the title meanwhile the player who has arrived from the other bracket has to win three games.

The winner of a tournament will be proclaimed as the Champion of the tournament winning the corresponding title.

The champion of the circuit will be the one who has obtained the higher number of titles, this means, the one who has won more tournaments.

The rewards will be announced soon.

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